It’s easy to handle personal expenses – just review and approve receipts.

Record, claim and manage expenses and receipts the easy way

Manage personal expenses

Reimburse yourself and the business by recording all your purchases in Xero.

Reimburse employees for business costs

Approve or decline individual items and schedule payments to your employees.

Make it your morning routine

Match and categorise your bank transactions on your phone from bed, over a coffee, or on the train, and start your day knowing exactly where you stand. The Xero dashboard shows you all the key figures.

Keep a record of all your receipts

Snap photos of your receipts as they happen and attach them to your expense reports so you have a complete record of all expenses at your fingertips.

Record expenses on the go from anywhere

Capture business expenses and give your employees access to create expense claims with the Xero mobile app.

Mark expenses as billable to a customer

Recover costs incurred on behalf of a customer and protect your profit margin. Tag expense items to a customer and these will be added to their next invoice.